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Saunagen Sauna

Saunagen saunas marketing boasts that they use the best material on the market. They offer an affordable price, for a high end infrared sauna due to development of technologies used in the manufacture of their sauna. Saunagen saunas are also marketed under the prohealth sauna name.

Features of Saunagen Saunas

  • Real Wood: Saunagen saunas are made with real wood, meaning that there are no toxins added into the air by heated glues used in cheaper saunas.
  • Multiple Heaters: Suanagen saunas come with multiple infrared heaters so that sauna users do not have to huddle around the heater like they would with a campfire. Multiple heaters allow for an even heat.
  • Low Maintenance: Suanagen saunas require little to no maintenance. Simply clean out the sauna after each use and you should be good to go for the next time you're craving a relaxing sauna.

Saunagen Saunas VS traditional saunas

  • Energy Efficient: Saunagen saunas save a great deal of energy over traditional saunas. They use less power as they don't need to maintain as high of a temperature. They also require a much shorter warm up time so you're not wasting power when you're not even using the sauna yet.
  • Cleanliness: Traditional steam saunas are a very hot and humid environment. Many molds and fungus' thrive in this type of climate, thus making cleaning a chore with traditional saunas.
  • Safety: Suanagen saunas operate at a much lower temperature than traditional finnish saunas. The high temperatures of steam saunas can often cause health issues with those who have respiratory problems or with the very old or very young.

Saunagen Saunas are prominent in the infrared sauna industry and are a leader in the sauna market.

For all your far infrared sauna needs

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