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Sauna Sand Timers

As excesive time in a sauna can be harmful to your health, timers or clocks are an integral part of the sauna experience. The most classic and basic timing method is a simple sauna sand timer. These are available at numerous retail outlets and will come with varying amounts of sand, and thus varying amounts of time. In most cases sauna sand timers will simply be small glass tubes with colored sand in them, attached to either simple wooden bases, or more ornate designs. The tubes will narrow in the middle, causing the sand to flow through at a slow but steady rate. Sauna sand timers are usually mounted on a swivel so that when you want to restart them you just flip them so the sand filled part of the tube is higher than the empty part.

Some sauna sand timers will have minutes marked beside or on the glass tube. As the sand builds up to each mark, that minute has been reached.

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