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Sauna Reviews is pleased to provide up-to-date and accurate sauna reviews on a number of sauna manufacturers. If you would like us to review your product, please e-mail us at More reviews will be added as we produce them.

With the boom in the sauna and infrared sauna industry, we're finding more and more brands pop up in the marketplace. It is very difficult for the average sauna user to tell the difference between brands and even models to determine which sauna is best for them. We hope these sauna reviews will help clear the water slightly and provide you with information useful in making your sauna purchasing decision. The following brands have currently been reviewed. We will be adding both brand / sauna manufacturer reviews as well as reviews of different sauna models. You'll notice that many infrared saunas look identical or that they will have some minor cosmetic difference in their appearance, but the rest of the stats will be identical. Many of these saunas are manufactured in facilities in china that will rebrand the sauna to whatever you would like. This leads to many duplicate saunas on the market with no real differences. As a sauna web master we get inundated with requests to carry saunas manufactured by chinese manufacturers. We will always turn these down as we would like to keep our reviews unbiased and independant.

We have currently reviewed the following sauna brands:

Check before purchasing your sauna for up to date and accurate sauna reviews

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