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Sauna Doors

There are sauna doors available for every type of sauna on earth. You should be able to find one that suits your saunas style without too much difficulty. Most sauna doors will be designed to provide an insulative barrier to keep heat in the sauna. Glass and wood doors will often have insulated cores so that you don't heat the area outside your sauna when trying to heat the sauna itself.

Sauna Door Materials

  • Wooden sauna doors - Most sauna doors are constructed with at least a basic wooden frame. You can find them in a wide variety of wood, although the most popular are probably red or white cedar. In most cases clear grained lumber is used for durability and quality. Wooden sauna doors provide superior durability compared to synthetic materials such as vinyls.
  • Vinyl Sauna Doors - Some of the cheaper sauna doors on the market are made from vinyl. We usually recommmend that you avoid this type of door as the extremes in temperature can be very rough on vinyl and cause it to deteriorate quickly. Vinyl can also off-gas chemicals when heated and cooled.
  • Glass Sauna Doors - Many sauna doors come with insulated glass panels, if the whole door itself is not made of glass. These are beneficial as it allows you to see outside or inside the sauna. The only thing with glass in sauna doors is that you have to keep it clean as it shows dirt very easily. You may also find glass doors tinted slightly to match your sauna. Bronze tints are quite popular to add a touch of class to your sauna.

Sauna Door Handles

Like sauna doors, sauna door handles come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials. Sauna door handles are usually made from wood as it does not heat up extremely and should not burn you when you go to open it. Metal sauna door handles can retain quite a bit of heat, and vinyl sauna handles can deteriorate quickly due to the extreme temperature changes.

Sauna doors come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials

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