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Sauna Death - World Sauna Championships Finalist Vladimir Ladyzhensky DIES At Event

Russian finalist, Vladimir Ladyzhensky, as well as his Finnish rival, Timo Kaukonen, collapsed after suffering severe burns in the 12th annual world sauna championships. Both competitors were rushed to the hospital. Vladimir Ladyzhensky died later in hospital. An unidentified woman who witnessed the event writes: "I saw Timo and the Russian confirming [to medics] every 10 or 20 seconds that they were OK. They were raising their thumbs all the time but after six minutes -- and only seconds after another raised thumb -- the referees decided to take them both out, first Timo who was still able to -- or at least half able, with some help -- to come out. The Russian had to be dragged out and after that he fell on the floor in front of the sauna and was sort of convulsing and cramping. Then they put a curtain up in front as they [medics] worked on them."

The event consists of contestants enduring temperatures of 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius) for as long as they can. The men managed six minutes before judges noticed something amiss.

According to the chief organizer of the event, Ossi Arvela, "All the rules were followed and there were enough first aid personnel. All the competitors needed to sign in to the competition with a doctor's certificate,"

Timo Kaukonen has won the competition 5 times.

Due to the recent death in the sauna world championships, Arvela has stated that he will never hold this contest again.

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