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Sauna Cleaning

Due to the very dry environment, traditional Finnish saunas require very little cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, cleaning them once or twice a year is sufficient. In order to lower the cleaning and maintenance requirements, have everyone shower before entering the sauna. This will mean the only contaminant in the sauna will be the sweat of the sauna bathers. Since most saunas are constructed primarily of wood, it is important to choose a cleaner that will not harm the wood, but still clean sufficiently. Natural cleansors without any harsh chemicals are best as they will not leave any harmful residues, and fit more with the cleansing nature of a sauna.

Due to the high humidity and moisture levels found in a steam sauna, they will often require quite a bit more cleaning than a traditional dry sauna will. The hot moist environment provides an optimal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Most steam saunas are constructed with ceramic tiles or other material that is easily cleaned. Again, it is preferable to avoid harsh chemicals.

Keeping your Finnish or steam sauna clean will make sure it lasts, providing you with years of relaxation.

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