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LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas

LuxSauna are one of the original pioneers of far infrared sauna technology and have been manufacturing saunas for many years. Unlike the traditionally heated hot rock or steam saunas which heat the air in order to heat your body, infrared saunas by Luxsauna use infrared light to actually heat your body itself, without requiring the intense heat, and for a much cheaper cost.

Rather than heating the air in the sauna, and the exterior of your body, 93 - 97 percent of the LuxSauna far infrared heat penetrates deeply into your body. Some retailers claim that this is a unique feature of LuxSauna far infrared saunas, and that the penetrating heat melts deep human body fat at 104 degrees, which is where the human body stores toxins and acids. When melted the toxins and acids are suspended, freed up and allowed to be expelled promoting weight loss and general health. At the writing of this article I know of no studies or scientific evidence of those.

LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas are made from Canadian Spruce, with first rate electronics and high quality far infrared sauna heaters. A wide selection of optional accessories including covers, ionizers, and CD/MP3 players are available with your sauna!

Luxsauna D-LUX models

The Luxsauna D-LUX models give you maximum relaxation and healing power, with all amenities included. The highest quality far infrared saunas on the market bundled with the best value available. They offer a full line of D-LUX models ranging from one to five person capacity!

2-3 Person Far Infrared Corner Saunas

Brought out in 2008, LuxSauna 2-3 Person Far Infrared Corner Saunas give you the option of powerful ceramic heaters or Japanese-imported compressed carbon heaters that fully surround you with constant 5-15 micron heat penetration for maximum healing and relaxation. If you are in need of a quiet place to relax, or a place to give your body some down time with the latest far infrared sauna technology, these models are for you.

Luxsauna Dual-Lux Saunas

The best of both worlds! LuxSauna has a full line of two person saunas that offer both types of infrared heaters. Powerful therapeutic, heat penetration of Luxsauna Black Bio Spectrum Ceramic heaters, as well as the deep consistent, yet soothing Carbon heat technology. According to retailers, these new two person infrared saunas provide the same powerful health features and benefits as all their sauna models with an emphasis on powerful detoxifying qualities while maintaining the LuxSauna standard attractive appearance.

LuxSauna delivers you the best satisfaction guarantee in the business!

For all your far infrared sauna needs

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