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Infrared Sauna Heaters

Infrared sauna heaters are not all built to the same standards or out of the same materials. As time passes, the technology behind infrared sauna heaters has improved as new developments are made.

Types of infrared sauna heaters

Most infrared sauna heater elements have a steel coating. This is an older technology which directs the heat source but requires additional time to warm up, operates at higher temperatures, and requires more energy to attain a level necessary for deep tissue penetration. Ceramic-coated heater elements have recently emerged as the latest leading technology in the infrared sauna heater industry, resulting in lower temperatures and mcuh more efficient energy use. The Ceramic coated infrared heaters produce the same useful energy as the sun, but without the harmful ultraviolet rays of natural sunlight, and at a very safe (.50) Gauss reading (low electromagnetic field).

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